Emerging Irish Talent, Documentaries on the Corporation, and Good News for Radiohead Fans

Hi Everyone,   Hope the form is good…   The hurling is back… Thurles Sunday what’s the chances?.. Against the oldest enemy… Slim to none? Hard to call is my opinion.. Could, should be an interesting one.   Anyway… News on the RADIOHEAD white vinyl is better.. I am receiving 24 copies of it now… Better […]

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radiohead white vinyl

Radiohead, Rants and the return of the Roses

Hey everyone, Hows the form… Releases in the shop for today include CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, SANTANA, METALLICA, EAGULLS,GRAND MAGUS, FOY VANCE, RUFUS WAINWRIGHT and BIRDY. Right so, on to next Friday, the 20th of May… where do I start though, quite a few of note… SONY Sony gets the nod to start for the 20th of […]

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Birthdays, Breakfast Rolls and Bowie’s Glittering Stars

Hey everyone,   Hope all is well..   Music Zone will be 15 years old on Sunday (no need for champagne, or cakes, or chocolates, or anything for that matter..just glad to be alive!) It feels like only yesterday in some ways.. Bridget Jones was the big seller when the shop opened on Tuesday after […]

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